Voting Labour would be a massive black mark against British Muslims

Keir Starmer. Editorial credit: Martin Suker /

In this open letter to British Muslims, the team from MPACUK says we must redeem ourselves for past mistakes when we voted Labour despite their complicity in the murder of our brothers and sisters. 

Dear Muslims,

For 24 years MPACUK have asked Muslims to vote tactically, in a block, to de-seat Zionist MPs that have continued to enable the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, or MPs that are responsible for the illegal, senseless murder of 4 million Muslims in Iraq or for the emboldening genocidal leaders in India.

We never understood why something so fundamentally moral and Islamic was met with so much hate from our own. We can only conclude that Muslims that opposed us were acting in blatant self-interest and greed. The lust for power had clearly got to them.

Just like in Bosnia, the horrors of what we have seen so far in Gaza is just the tip of the iceberg. With time, there will be more evidence of mass graves, attacks on last-ditch flimsy refugee tents, systematic rape in Israeli detention, Palestinian hostages with organs missing and British aid workers murdered.

Continuing to vote Labour, despite their enablement of such heinous crimes would epitomise the moral cowardice of Muslims and our leadership.

George Galloway

If, like us, it baffles you as to how we ended up here, remember that Muslims blindly continued to vote Labour despite their unforgiveable crimes against our Ummah. Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, the constant narrative that Muslims cannot coexist in the West, the apparent no-go areas and Trojan Horse scandals have dehumanised Muslims to the point that the world can just stand by and watch as Israel annihilates the Palestinian people.

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There were sincere people on our journey. Take Rochdale for example – they heard our message and they responded. They were the first constituency ever to successfully de-seat a Zionist MP and they did it again in a recent by-election, when they voted in George Galloway. Those that remain sincere will prevail. To the constituents of Rochdale – we salute you.

So now, you have all bought kheffiyeh, you are finally marching, emblazoned with Palestine badges, but when we put the call out to take to the streets and go door to door ahead of the most important elections of our life and the life of Palestinians, you regressed to sit on your lapels and be nothing but bystanders, content to say “Someone else will do it, and make them pay.”

Imagine on 4th of July Labour wins with a majority, and there will be no effective opposition to stand in Parliament and be the voice of Palestine. That means Israel can do anything to Muslims with no repercussions, no matter how loud we the people raise our voices.

They can behead babies, they can wrench organs from hostages, they can weaponise starvation, they can gaslight you into thinking that these numbers are not real, that Israel can continue to operate under their title of the so-called “Most moral army in the world.”

Those of you who care, where there is potential for a split vote – go with the sincere candidate, one who opposes genocide, not supports it.

This letter was originally posted on the MPACUK website.

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