Record number of Muslim MPs elected in 2019 General Election

A record number of Muslim MPs have been elected this general election with four additions from two years ago.

In the 2017 general elections, 15 Muslim MPs were voted in – 12 from the Labour Party and three from the Conservatives.

However, with yesterday’s landslide Tory victory with a huge 365 majority, and with Labour losing many historic safe seats in the north and the Midlands, the number of Muslim MPs increased to 18.

From the 15 sitting Muslim MPs elected in 2017, 14 held on to their seats with exception to Labour’s Faisal Rashid who lost in Warrington South to the Conservatives.

Labour Party

  1. Rushanara Ali kept her seat in Bethnal Green & Bow with 44,052 votes (72% of vote share).
  2. Yasmin Qureshi kept her seat in Bolton South East with 21,516 votes (53% of vote share).
  3. Shabana Mahmood kept her seat in Birmingham Ladypool with 33.355 votes (79.2% of vote share).
  4. Naz Shah kept her seat in Bradford West with 33,736 votes (76.2% of vote share).
  5. Imran Hussein kept his seat in Bradford East with 27,825 votes (63% of vote share).
  6. Khalid Mahmood kept his seat in Birmingham Perry Barr with 26,594 votes (63.1% of vote share).
  7. Mohammed Yasin kept his seat in Bedford with a majority of 145 votes (43.3% of vote share).
  8. Tulip Siddiq kept her seat in Hampstead & Kilburn with 28,080 votes (48.9% of vote share).
  9. Rupa Huq kept her seat in Ealing Central & Acton with 28,132 votes (51.3% of vote share).
  10. Rosena Allin-Khan kept her seat in Tooting with 30,811 votes (52.7% of vote share).
  11. Afzal Khan kept his seat in Manchester Gorton with 34,583 votes (77.6% of vote share).

Newly elected

  1. Apsana Begum won Poplar & Limehouse with 38,660 votes (62% of vote)
  2. Zarah Sultana won Coventry South with 19,544 votes (43.4% of vote share).
  3. Tahir Ali won Birmingham Hall Green with 35,889 votes (67.8% of vote share).

Conservative Party  

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  1. Rehman Chishti kept his seat in Gillingham & Rainham with 28,173 votes (61.3% vote share).
  2. Nusrat Ghani kept her seat in Wealden with 37,043 votes (60.8% vote share).
  3. Sajid Javid kept his seat in Bromsgrove with 34,408 votes (63.4% vote share).

Newly elected

  1. Saqib Bhatti won Meriden with 34,358 votes (63.4% of vote share).
2019 general election map

Voter turnout for the 2019 general election was down from two years ago.

After 648 constituency results out of the 650 seats up for grabs were announced, the turnout stood at 31,897,334.

This equated to a voter turnout of 67.23% in comparison to 68.7% in 2017.

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