Investigation launched after Canadian paramedics allegedly told dying man he was acting

Yosif Al-Hasnawi

Emergency services in Canada have launched an investigation after paramedics allegedly told a dying Muslim man that he was “acting injured” before he died in hospital less than an hour later.

Witnesses at Hamilton mosque in Ontario said the 19 year old victim, Yosif Al-Hasnawi, was lying on the ground after he’d been shot.

“They were grabbing him and they started shaking him hard,” said one witness who had been sitting beside Al-Hasnawi at the Al-Moustafa Islamic Centre.

Al-Hasnawi was shot outside the mosque after trying to stop two men from harassing an older man on the street.

The paramedics are also being criticised for the length of time it took them to bring Al-Hasnawi to hospital.

Police do not believe Al-Hasnawi was targeted because of his race or religion. They believe a handgun was used, but have not recovered a weapon.

Al-Hasnawi was also a talented athlete in basketball and boxing. The family came to Hamilton in 2008 from Iraq.

A friend said: “He was so generous, he was smart, he was helpful to everyone. He was quiet — he doesn’t talk until you ask him.”

A funeral was held for Al-Hasnawi on Monday night followed by a prayer service at the mosque. It is expected his body will be sent to Iraq in the next seven or 10 days.

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