Mainstream media give Maajid Nawaz yet another platform

The Quilliam Foundation’s Maajid Nawaz, who is widely criticised within the Muslim community for his frequent attacks on normative Islamic concepts and Muslim organisations and activists, will be joining the Sky News show “The Pledge” as a regular panelist.

The Pledge bills itself as “a no-nonsense, straight-talking debate show” that features “expert commentators” who express their opinions in an open and frank discussion.

Contributors include the entrepreneur James Caan, Chairman of the FA Greg Dyke, the radio talk show host Nick Ferrari, the journalist Rachel Johnson, the former footballer Graeme Le Saux, and the TV presenter June Sarpong.

Nawaz says he will continue to campaign against extremism and for the reform of Islam, informed by his liberal secular values.

The Quilliam founder already has his own LBC radio show every Saturday and Sunday and makes frequent appearances on the BBC and other high-profile media.

The mainstream media have been heavily critcised by Muslim activists for giving Nawaz such prominence when he is such a marginal figure within the Muslim community itself. Many activists have a policy of non-engagement with him due to what they feel is his constant targeting of a community under pressure.

Quilliam used to get government funding and is now thought to receive much of its funding from right-wing, pro-Israel sources in the United States.

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