Muslim woman wearing the hijab shot dead in her car in France

Pantin is a commune in the northeastern suburbs of Paris

A Muslim woman wearing the hijab was shot dead in her car in France in the weekend.

The incident occurred in Pantin, a commune in the north eastern suburb of Paris on Friday 23 September around 9.40pm.

The victim is believed to have been sitting in her car before she was shot five times.

The perpetrator who was on a scooter shot two bullets to the head at close range.

A source close to the investigation told AFP: “No damage was found on the vehicle which suggests that the individual put his arm inside the car and made this point blank shot.”

French police found six shells from an automatic pistol at the crime scene.

The female victim, who has not been officially named, is said to be of North African heritage and approximately 35-years-old.

The victim was wearing a hijab but investigators said that they are not treating this murder as a religiously motivated hate crime.

A murder investigation has been launched and is being headed by the criminal brigade of the judicial police in Paris.

The assailant has not been identified.

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