Caring son “tricks” mum into accepting his kidney for life-saving operation

Imran Najeed (left) and his mother Zainab Begum (right). [Image: SWNS]

A loving son who couldn’t convince his mother to accept his kidney for a life-saving operation, “tricked” her into a transplant by pretending the organ was on sale on eBay.

Imran Najeeb offered his mother Zainab Begum a kidney after her’s suffered damage and were only functioning at 25 per cent.

But the caring mother refused because she didn’t want him to put his own life at risk by assisting her.

Mr Najeeb, 34, then told his mother he was already donating his kidney by selling it on eBay.

Mr Najeeb then took advantage of the fact his mother doesn’t speak English and showed her a picture of a kidney he got from Google – and told her it was his.

He told her: “Look mum – I’m selling my kidney on eBay and someone’s going to pay me £10,000 for it.”

His tactic worked when mum Zainab, now 52, replied: “Why would you sell your kidney to a complete stranger when you could give it to me?”

Both mother and son have now undergone their respective operations and are recovering well.

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