United Muslim Assocation to assist with relief to UK flood victims

More than 25 Muslim organisations have come together to form United Muslim Association (UMC).

More than 25 Muslim organisations have come together to form an alliance to take part in joint national projects, starting with delivering relief to flood victims in the south of the country.

Osman Gondal who’s the founder of InTouch Foundation is leading the United Muslim Association UK (UMA UK) with Shohaib Ali of Al Hikmah Foundation and Zaheer Iqbal of Islamic Diversity Centre North East.

Thousands of Britons have been affected by the recent floods across the country, where homes have been evacuated and residents have been placed in temporary refuge centres.

Flood in Berkshire.
Flood in Berkshire.

Osman Gondal said to 5Pillarz: “It is important that organisations work together on coordinated relief effort. With the number of charities joining UMA UK, I am sure we will make a big difference when we activate all of the volunteers.

“It looks like we will be getting involved in the clean-up operation. We will also need to go out to our local hardware suppliers to see what we can get them to donate to help with the clean-up. I will be updating the teams tomorrow with requirements.”

The army has been called into the worst-affected areas where people are stranded in their homes.

The lack of funding to repair and damages caused by the floods is becoming a difficult problem for local authorities.

Prince Charles, Prime Minister David Cameron and Ed Miliband have all made visited the worst-affected counties of Somerset, Surrey and Berkshire.

A unified Muslim response

5Pillarz spoke to the leaders of numerous groups that have come under the umbrella of UMA UK.

Shohaib Ali said to 5Pillarz: “We as a group wanted to be part of a united project that shows the unity of the Muslims, which can have maximum impact in assisting and aiding a project of this nature. We urge other organisations to come forward and unite under this banner so we can co-ordinate future projects collectively as a united Ummah.”

Ghulam Esposito Haydar of Myriad Foundation said: “When it came to our attention that some of our affiliated organisations were thinking the same, we felt that it only made sense to collaborate to show a united front for the people of Somerset and Surrey.

thames_flooding_624_2“We are witnessing people from varying backgrounds up and down the country suddenly converging; leaving their identities at the door, signing up in droves and saying ‘How can we support the people of Somerset and Surrey?’, motivated by the Prophetic saying, ‘The best of people are those that bring most benefit to the rest of mankind.’”

Abdul Kahhar of Islam Bedford said: “We at Islam Bedford became aware of the intention of a unified relief effort from a number of Muslim organisations to the victims of the UK floods.

“Islam teaches us that we should assist those who are suffering regardless of who they are. We have managed to get a number of our volunteers to support this campaign and we are on standby awaiting instructions from the organisers. We see this as an opportunity for Dawah and we pray that Allah (swt) makes it a success.”

Sajid Verda of Islam Channel who will coordinating activities on the ground stated on his Facebook page: “Will be co-ordinating flood relief efforts with UK based charities. Had many phone calls today from concerned people. I am communicating with Wraysbury command to understand what is needed.

“We’ve had a wonderful response from the community. Special thanks to UMA for responding to the call. I will have more information from the ground shortly. We can then describe exactly what is needed and when. Get some wellies now if you don’t already have some.”

A list of the Muslim organisations that have come under the umbrella of UMA to help with the UK flood relief efforts include:

One Ummah
Stockton Dawah Association
Idc NorthEast (Islamic Diversity Centre)
Intouch Foundation
Myriad Foundation
Imdaad Foundation
Islamic Relief
Muslim Disability Awareness
UK Islamic Events
Al-Hikmah Keighley
Islam Bedford
Newham Early Learning Centre
Mercy Mission
Islam Nelson
Islamic Drop in Centre Coventry
Raising Explorers
Rochdale Dawah Centre
The Blessed Hub
Islam Bradford
West London Dawah
Global Hope Relief
Muslims Forum Coventry
Muslim Outreach UK
Islamic Youth Network
Sadqah Jariyah
Al-Hera Loughborough

If you want to join this collaboration to assist with the flood relief then contact UMA UK via their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/umauk

5Pillarz will be providing exclusive coverage on UMA UK’s relief work on the ground via our website, Facebook and Twitter.

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