Usama Hasan – The Trinity: Father, Son and Unholy Views

Dr Usama Hasan of Quilliam Foundation

Muslim activist Tipu Sultan writes that Dr Usama Hasan of the Quilliam Foundation should not be taken seriously when referenced by the press regarding Islam because he has no credibility amongst British Muslims.

In an article published on Monday in the Docklands & East London Advertiser entitled “‘Medieval Muslim cleric’s speech blocked by London Muslim Centre”, Dr Hasan was interviewed on the topic of prescribed punishments within Shariah law for certain criminal offences wherein he states the following:

“Talk of ancient and medieval Shariah punishments are totally out of place in modern society – the Ottoman Empire abolished these as far back as 1858”.

Quilliam Foundation and EDL's former leader, Tommy Robinson are interlinked.
Quilliam Foundation and EDL’s former leader, Tommy Robinson are interlinked.

First and foremost, it should be made clear that Dr Hasan and the QF for whom he works have absolutely no credibility within the Muslim community to speak on issues concerning them and their beliefs.

A testimony to this lack of grassroots support is that he was kicked out from his own congregation because he was perceived as a troublemaker who caused division and controversy.

In fact, there is no difference whatsoever in quoting a representative from the QF and someone from the EDL (who are ironically now associated with the QF) or the BNP on issues concerning Islam and Muslims.

Sheikh Suhaib Hasan

Dr Hasan’s erroneous view on criminal punishments within the confines of an Islamic state is completely and utterly in contradiction against an ocean of facts, opinions and evidences from Muslim scholars (classical and contemporary) on the issue. Dr Hasan’s own father, Sheikh Suhaib Hasan who is the head of the Islamic Shariah Council in the UK, has given his opinion concerning this issue wherein he states as follows:

“As a Muslim we should know that our religion is perfect without any imperfection as Allah says; “This day, I have perfected your religion for you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion. Therefore, belittling them [punishments imposed by Islam] or calling them as out-of-date constitutes disbelief…  Leaving any part of Quran or changing it is going against the consensus of the entire Muslim nation… Now by looking at all these statements of the Companions (ra), there remains no doubt that they never saw such laws as barbaric because they knew that it has come from the Most Wise the Most Merciful and He would never do injustice upon His slaves”.

Please find attached the link for Sheikh Suhaib Hasan’s statement

Of course this is not the first time Dr Hasan has indulged in such mental gymnastics and expressed such outlandish views. It is fair to say that he has changed his views on matters of belief to such extent in recent times that rather than evolving (mind the pun), he has actually devolved. He has previously stated that any forms of music are permissible in Islam, a view which is again considered strange and alien to normative Islamic beliefs and values.

Darwinism, atheism and secularism

Dr Hasan has also become a disciple of Charles Darwin over the years and has argued that Islam is compatible with Darwin’s theory of evolution – a view which is so conspicuously unconventional, bizarre, far-fetched and alien not only in Islam, but also to the other Abrahamic faiths of Judaism and Christianity.

He has now found himself and his views actually more associated to, and in line with atheists and people of no faith rather than people of faith. On the issue of hijab, Dr Hasan believes that women do not have to wear the headscarf because he considers it a “cultural” practice. It does not end there.

Usama Hasan's father, Sheikh Suhaib Hasan.
Usama Hasan’s father, Sheikh Suhaib Hasan.

On the subject of the Caliphate, Dr Hassan has stated clearly, and without reservation, at QF’s launch speech that he believes in secularism, and that secularism was indeed always a part of traditional Islam. Of course one is free to believe in secularism but one cannot be a Muslim and call himself a “secularist” according to none other than Dr. Hasan’s father, Sheikh Suhaib Hasan who has stated in response to a question: “What is the ruling who denies the Sovereignty of Allah as lawgiver and ruling on the concept that Islamic state is alien to Islam”, he responded as follows:

“Denying Allah the right of Lawgiver means he has taken someone else as partners besides Allah who has the right to determine how this individual should conduct his life. The one who does not recognises Allah as his Master to govern him then surely he has found another God to administrate him. He is a clear disbeliever outside the fold of Islam.”

As I am sure readers can see that there is a clear pattern emerging from all of the above – what Islam does Dr Hasan actually follow and propagate?

In addition, he has also been involved in a number of clandestine smear operations where he has sought to vilify respected Muslim scholars and has been known to have drawn up a list of alleged “hate preachers” which he sent on to counter-terrorism officers – an issue which the Labour MP, Keith Vaz expressed deep concern over.

The question therefore arises, is his father Sheikh Suhaib Hasan considered an “extremist” and a “hate preacher” for holding his opinions by his son and QF?

I am sure you will all agree that none of us would certainly like to be at the family dinner table!

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