NSA “targted online sexual activity of Islamist radicals to undermine them”

America’s National Security Agency has been collecting details about the online sexual activity of prominent Islamist radicals in order to undermine them, according to a Huffington Post report.

The story says that the American surveillance agency targeted six unnamed “radicalisers”, none of whom is alleged to have been involved in terror plots.

One document argues that if the vulnerabilities they are accused of were to be exposed, this could lead to their jihadist credentials being brought into question.

As an example of vulnerabilities, it lists: “Viewing sexually explicit material online or using sexually persuasive language when communicating with inexperienced young girls.”

The names of the six targeted individuals have been redacted.

One of the documents says the vulnerabilities identified include: “publishes articles without checking facts”; “deceitful use of funds”; “charges exorbitant speaking fees”; “attracted to fame”; and “glamorous lifestyle”.

It’s well known that US security agencies have been spying on the Muslim community and recruiting informants within it in an attempt to fight so-called al Qaida-inspired terrorism.

Much the same has been taking place in the UK over the past decade although less is known about it.

The Muslim communituy has often complained of being under siege as a result.

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