The Sun plumbs new Islamophobic depths

The Sun is Britain's top-selling daily

Today the Sun newspaper plumbed new desperate, ridiculous Islamophobic and racist depths with its front page story on Channel 4’s decision to broadcast the Muslim call to prayer this Ramadan, writes Roshan Muhammed Salih.

It must have been a very slow news day at the muck-raking rag so the editors must have thought to themselves: “Let’s pick on a dark-skinned minority and perhaps provoke a backlash. I mean it’s not as if bombs are being left outside mosques these days or Muslim women are being harassed on the streets.”

So the brain-dead headline writer put down his lager and came up with the hilarious headline: “Ramadan a ding dong.” Yes, the kind of language that racist bullies have used to laugh at Muslims in schoolgrounds up and down the country for decades. Take a foreign sounding word (Ramadan) then create a rhyme out of it and then laugh at your victim because he’s not normal.


Then the writers of the article (who are worth naming and shaming – James Beal, Leigh Holmwood and Miranda Prynne) interviewed some dopey knuckle-dragger from UKIP who accused Channel 4 of “a cynical PR stunt” and said it risked “further inflaming tension between communities in the wake of the Woolwich killing of soldier Lee Rigby.”

The UKIP spokesman (who wisely didn’t give his name) said: “This is a priceless piece of attention seeking. I cannot believe that the majority of mainstream Muslims want to see this. It will inflame community tension.”

UKIP accusing others of attention-seeking! Pot, kettle, black.

Then some Tory MP who no one’s ever heard of called “Conor Burns” said: “I find it extraordinary Channel 4 would pursue this politically-correct tokenism. What would happen if they were to do this type of thing during a Christian festival such as Lent?”

Well obviously that would “inflame community tensions” Mr Burns, and probably lead to civil war.

Anjem Choudary

And it gets worse. Then one of the journalists (yes it took three people to write this excrement) approached the authentic mainstream voice of all Muslims in the UK – Anjem Choudary! Helpfully, Mr Choudary said: “Islam is the fastest growing ideology in this country — by some accounts Britain could be a Muslim country by 2015.”

Words obviously designed to calm the Sun’s millions of “PHD material” readers down.

Then another mainstream Muslim voice who I’ve never heard of – Abu Zakariyya of the wonderfully named “Islamic Emergency Defence” group – added: “We want to see Sharia law in the UK and only God knows if this could be a step towards it.”

I think Mr Zakariyya may have a point – Channel 4 must have been secretly infiltrated by al Qaeda.


The Sun, of course, has been picking on Muslims for years, constantly associating Muslims with extremism and terrorism; continually demanding that the community apologize for this or that; and scaring non-Muslims in the process.

All in the quest to sell more papers and make more money. What a bunch of *******


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