Man charged after attacking Colombian family with baseball bat and calling them ISIS

A Canadian man has been charged for attacking a family with a baseball bat and accusing them of being "ISIS terrorists". The video taken by...

Former Guantanamo detainee plans to sue Canada for $50 million

An Algerian man has declared his intention to sue the Canadian government for the abuses he claims he suffered at the hands of American...

Ottawa pays $31.3M to Canadian men tortured in Syria

The federal government of Ottawa has paid settlements totalling $31.3 million to three men falsely accused of being linked to terrorist groups, then imprisoned...

Quebec to pass law forcing Muslim women to remove niqab in public services

The Canadian province of Quebec is set to pass a law that will ban public servants from wearing face veils and oblige ordinary citizens...

Quebec mosque mass murder suspect back in court

A man charged with shooting dead six Muslims during prayers at a mosque in Canada made a brief court appearance on Monday. Alexandre Bissonnette, a...

Toronto imam becomes victim of Hurricane Harvey fake news story

A Canadian imam has become the victim of a viral fake news story which claimed that a Houston mosque refused to help non-Muslims during...

VIDEO: Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s Eid al-Adha message

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Eid al-Adha message to Muslims around the world.

VIDEO: Canadian Muslim woman verbally abused by a “nazi” in a park

Video footage of a Muslim woman wearing the hijab being verbally abused by self-confessed a "nazi" in a public park in the Canadian city...

Syrian refugee couple name newborn son “Justin Trudeau” after Canadian PM

A Muslim Syrian refugee couple have named their newborn son "Justin Trudeau" after the Canadian prime minister, as a thank you to the country...

VIDEO: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Ramadan message to Canadian Muslims

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Ramadan message to Canadian Muslims.