Man charged after attacking Colombian family with baseball bat and calling them ISIS

The attacker

A Canadian man has been charged for attacking a family with a baseball bat and accusing them of being “ISIS terrorists”.

The video taken by Sergio Estepa shows him, his partner Mari Zambrano, their 13-year-old son, and a friend in a shopping mall car park in Ontario, Canada.

They were speaking Spanish.

Mark Phillips, 36, approached them with a baseball bat and shouted that they were terrorists and members of ISIS.

He then got closer and asked Mr Estepa what he has in his pocket.

Mr Estepa replied: “Stay away from me.”

Phillips then started shouting, “Terrorist. Terrorist. We have a French terrorist here,” and “ISIS! ISIS! We have ISIS right here.”

Mr Estepa said: “He started saying we don’t belong here, that we are speaking French. But we were not speaking French, we were speaking Spanish. We don’t know him.

“The reason why we came to Canada is because we lost our country Colombia because of indifference.

“The war was in the countryside, we live in the city, we don’t care who is killed there. That is the big enemy we have: indifference.”

Phillips, last recorded as having an address in Toronto, was arrested in London, Ontario, several hours after the incident.

He will be back in the Elgin County Courthouse later this week.

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