Hamza Yusuf stokes controversy with comments about Black Lives Matter and political Islam

The prominent American Muslim theologian Shaykh Hamza Yusuf has been widely criticised for comments he made about the Black Lives Matter Movement, the Muslim...

Suspected gunman behind Quebec mosque attack named

The suspected gunman responsible for yesterday night's Quebec mosque shooting has been named, whilst another man who was initially arrested has been released by...

Canadian man tells Muslims on the bus they are “not welcome in this country”

Video footage of a man shouting "f**k Islam" and telling Muslims on a Ottowa bus that they are not welcome in Canada. This video was...

Emotional speech by Muslim woman on Islamophobia in Canadian parliament

An emotional speech on Islamophobia by a Muslim woman who took part in the “Daughters of the Vote” event at the Canadian House of...

VIDEO: Quran torn to pieces in Canadian school’s board meeting with parents

The Quran was torn to pieces during a meeting at the Peel District School Board in Mississauga, Ontario, where parents demanded the school to ban...

VIDEO: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Ramadan message to Canadian Muslims

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Ramadan message to Canadian Muslims.

Syrian refugee couple name newborn son “Justin Trudeau” after Canadian PM

A Muslim Syrian refugee couple have named their newborn son "Justin Trudeau" after the Canadian prime minister, as a thank you to the country...

VIDEO: Canadian Muslim woman verbally abused by a “nazi” in a park

Video footage of a Muslim woman wearing the hijab being verbally abused by self-confessed a "nazi" in a public park in the Canadian city...

VIDEO: Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s Eid al-Adha message

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Eid al-Adha message to Muslims around the world.

Toronto imam becomes victim of Hurricane Harvey fake news story

A Canadian imam has become the victim of a viral fake news story which claimed that a Houston mosque refused to help non-Muslims during...