Hundreds feared dead in suspected U.S. air strike in Iraq

At least 112 bodies have been pulled from the site of a US-led coalition airstrike in Mosul, Iraq. The deaths have sparked renewed concerns about...

VIDEO: This how the US army drove through traffic in the streets of Iraq

Shocking video footage showing how an American military Humvee rammed civilian cars from behind and drove towards oncoming traffic in the busy streets of...

Foreign ISIS fighters likely to be well educated but unemployed

A study by the World Bank of 4,000 leaked ISIS membership documents shows ISIS fighters are likely to be better educated and better off...

Council of Sunni Iraqi scholars issue statement condemning Fallujah “massacre”

The largest council of Iraqi Sunni scholars have issued a joint statement condemning what they describe as a "massacre" in Fallujah during the recent...

UN report: Over 55,000 casualties in Iraq in 22 months

A UN report released today details the severe and extensive impact on civilians of the ongoing conflict in Iraq, with at least 18,802 civilians...

ISIS to launch coin-based Dinar currency

ISIS announced it is to introduce a new coin-based currency in the territories it controls across Iraq and Syria. The treasury department of the so-called...

Steven Sotloff was an Israeli citizen who pretended to be a Chechen Muslim

Murdered journalist Steven Sotloff was a dual US-Israeli national that told locals during the Arab Spring he was a "Chechen Muslim". The freelance journalist who...

Transcript of Steven Sotloff “beheading” video

The following is a transcript of the video which appears to show the beheading of US journalist Steven Sotloff by an ISIS fighter with...

Freed Indian nurses say ISIS were their “protectors” and called them “sisters”

46 Indian nurses who were held captive by the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) have praised the insurgents for their good behaviour...

EXCLUSIVE: Mosul resident speaks to 5Pillarz about life under ISIS “Caliphate”

In an exclusive interview with 5Pillarz, a resident of Mosul describes life under ISIS and Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi’s first public Khutbah. Abu Abdullah is a...
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