Employers can ban religious clothing, top European Court rules

Europe's top court has given the green light to employers within the European Union to ban hijabs or niqabs if they so wish. The European Court...

French gunman had ‘racist motive and wanted to kill foreigners’

The gunman who is suspected of killing three Kurdish people in Paris on Friday has told investigators that he felt a "hatred of foreigners that had...

Andrew Tate to be detained for 30 days in Romania

The controversial Muslim British-American social media influencer Andrew Tate will be held in detention in Romania for 30 days as part of an investigation...

Andrew Tate loses bid to end detention in Romania

Social media personality Andrew Tate has lost a bid to end his detention in Romania and will remain in custody for another few weeks...

Bogus terrorism charges dropped against Austrian Muslim academic

Terrorism charges against Austrian academic Farid Hafez have been dropped two years after police officers barged into his home and pointed guns at him, his...

Norway bans Quran burning protest after official Turkish complaint

Police in Norway have banned a planned Quran burning protest after the Turkish Foreign Ministry summoned the Norwegian ambassador to complain. A group of protesters...

City of Barcelona breaks off ties with Israel over Palestinian oppression

The Spanish city of Barcelona has broken off ties with Israel over its oppression of the Palestinian people. The Catalan capital has been twinned with...

French football referees ordered not to pause matches for Ramadan fast

In an email sent to referees, the French Football Federation (FFF) has prohibited the interruption of matches to allow Muslim players to break their...

Tariq Ramadan cleared of rape and sexual coercion by Swiss court

The Muslim academic Tariq Ramadan has been cleared of rape and sexual coercion by a Swiss court. The case against Mr Ramadan, who is a...
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