Irish parliament urges govt to recognise Palestinian state

The upper house of the Irish parliament has passed a motion calling on the Irish Government to formally recognize the State of Palestine. Last week,...

Paris opera house removes woman wearing niqab after cast refuses to perform

A Muslim woman wearing the niqab has been forced to leave a theatre in France after the cast refused to perform in protest against...

Netherlands allows biker gangs to fight ISIS in Iraq alongside PKK

The Dutch public prosecutor said on Tuesday that motorbike gang members who have reportedly joined Kurds fighting ISIS in Iraq are not necessarily committing...

Austria to ban “ISIS symbols” in crackdown on Islamist groups

Austria plans to ban Islamist groups' symbols and strip citizenship from people who travel abroad to fight with ISIS in a crackdown announced by...

Three Danish Muslims detained for selling Islamic al-Raya stickers

Police in Denmark have detained three Muslims on suspicion of supporting ISIS - for selling stickers of a black flag with the Muslim declaration...

Belgian diplomat rips off Qatari princess’ niqab

A senior Belgian diplomat and chief of protocol has admitted to removing the niqab of a Qatari princess by force. Jean-Marie Pire, 60, is employed by...

Man shot dead in Swiss mosque

One person has died in Switzerland after a shooting took place in a mosque full of worshippers at Jummah prayers, police have said. Police arrested...

Eric Cantona calls on Francois Hollande to change Israel policy

Former France and Manchester United footballer, Eric Cantona has expressed anger over his government's unequivocal support of Israel's war on Gaza. Speaking to Mediapart news...

Greek farmers cleared for shooting 28 Bangladeshi strawberry pickers

Greece has been accused of causing an "unprecedented racist scandal" for acquitting local farmers who shot 28 Bangladeshi strawberry pickers after they asked to...

Six Norwegian leftist parties call for Israel boycott

Norwegian leftist parties supported a call by a member of parliament to boycott Israeli products against the backdrop of the deadly Israeli onslaught on...
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