Ireland’s ‘yes’ vote on same-sex marriage was an inevitable victory for Secularism

Abdul Wahid explains how state sanctioned secularism will always supersede the "officialdom" of religion, and Ireland's 'yes' vote on same-sex marriage was a prime...

Muslim scholar in Ireland launches anti-radicalisation website

A Muslim cleric in Ireland plans to launch a new “anti-radicalisation” website on Thursday aimed at eliminating the threat posed by extremism. Shaykh Dr Umar...

Irish parliament urges govt to recognise Palestinian state

The upper house of the Irish parliament has passed a motion calling on the Irish Government to formally recognize the State of Palestine. Last week,...

Irish judge says “Muslims feel they can beat wives”

An Irish judge has caused outrage after saying he thinks "Muslims feel they can actually beat their wives" during the trial of a Somali...

Irish Muslims targeted in hate mail campaign

Mosques and schools in Ireland have received anonymous letters containing violent threats against Muslims, the Irish Independent reports. The Immigrant Council of Ireland said that...
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