Muslim stabbed to death after PEGIDA protest in Dresden

A young Muslim man has been stabbed to death in Germany, in an attack which is thought to be linked to recent "anti-Islamisation" marches...

Angela Merkel warns anti-Muslim Pegida group in New Year’s address

German chancellor Angela Merkel in her New Year’s address condemned the rise of a far-right anti-Muslim movement, saying its leaders have “hatred in their...

Cologne Cathedral to switch off lights in protest at Islamophobic march

One of Germany's most famous landmarks, Cologne Cathedral will switch off its lights on Monday evening in protest over a march by an anti-Muslim movement. The...

Thousands in Germany say farewell to brave Turkish woman killed in brutal attack

Thousands of people in Germany bid farewell to a young Turkish woman who was brutally attacked for trying to rescue two women from being...

Drone Memorial – “The dead have names”

German freelance journalist, Emran Feroz has launched a website listing the names of every single person killed by a drone strike anywhere in the...

German Muslims leaving to fight jihad in Syria

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