Anti Muslim crime rife in Germany

Anti-Muslim crimes, including physical assault, threatening letters, hate speech and spraying Nazi-themed graffiti on mosques, were rife in Germany in 2017. Statistics from the Interior...

Yasir Qadhi blasts French authorities over Tariq Ramadan treatment

The American Muslim theologian Yasir Qadhi has condemned the French authorities and media for their treatment of Professor Tariq Ramadan who has been incarcerated...

German far-right politician converts to Islam

A member of the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party has converted to Islam, leaving his position on the organisation's national executive committee, the Deutsche Welle...

European Court of Justice says EU laws don’t cover Shariah divorce

The European Court of Justice has ruled that the European Union's divorce regulations do not cover Shariah divorces which are deemed "private agreements". This now...

Islamic holy days could be included in German regional calendars

Germany's interior minister has suggested that Islamic holy days should be included in official regional calendars in areas with a large Muslim population. Thomas De...

All of Germany’s Muslim MPs voted in support of same-sex marriage

All of Germany's six Muslim members of parliament voted in support of same-sex marriage, whilst Chancellor Angela Merkel opposed the bill stating that "marriage...
German army

German soldier arrested for planning “false flag” terror attack as Syrian refugee

A German soldier has been arrested for posing as a Syrian refugee and allegedly planning a “false flag” terrorist attack that would be blamed on...

German school bans Muslim students from “provocative prayers”

A school in west Germany has banned Muslim students from using prayer mats and making ritual ablution in restrooms saying it is “provocative” to...

German police say reports of mass sex assaults by Arab refugees in Frankfurt were...

German police have confirmed that reports of mass sexual assaults on women in Frankfurt on New Year’s Eve allegedly committed by dozens of drunken...

German football club release Tunisian player due to his links to a “Salafist” charity

German football club Darmstadt have released Tunisian midfielder Anis Ben-Hatira after facing criticisms over of his links with a Muslim charity, the BBC reports. Islamic...
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