India orders YouTube and Twitter to block BBC Modi documentary

India's Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has ordered YouTube and Twitter to take down links sharing the BBC documentary "India: The Modi Question," which reveals that an official...

Kandahar: Afghan authorities implement Shari’ah punishments in public

Afghan authorities have implemented Shari'ah punishments on nine people - including amputations and flogging - in public in a sports stadium in Kandahar, southern Afghanistan. Local...

Pakistan to punish cursing Prophet’s wives and sahaba with at least 10 yrs prison

The Pakistani National Assembly has passed a criminal law which includes increasing the punishment for those who use derogatory remarks against members of Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) family, wives,...

Over 40 dead in Pakistan mosque attack

More than 40 people have been killed and about 150 wounded in a bomb attack targeting police at a mosque in Peshawar, Pakistan. Sarbakaf Mohmand,...

Survey: Afghanistan is far less corrupt now than under NATO occupation

Transparency International, a Berlin-based corruption watchdog, has ranked Afghanistan 150th in its annual corruption perception index for 2020 - 24 places higher than under...

Pervez Musharraf – the man who helped the U.S. invade Afghanistan – dies

Pervez Musharraf, the former military dictator of Pakistan and the man who facilitated the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan, has died aged 79 in Dubai. Musharraff...

Afghanistan announces record customs revenue collection

The Afghan authorities have announced that they collected £934m in customs revenue in the last fiscal year - nearly £300m more than the previous...

Islamic Emirate officials take over Afghan embassy in Iran

Officials from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan have taken over official duties in the Afghan Embassy in Tehran - making Iran the latest country to...

Afghan authorities ban nepotism in public bodies

In a crackdown on nepotism, the Afghan authorities have ordered that the sons of public officials appointed to public bodes be fired and replaced...
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