Muslim woman in Bangladesh beaten and forced out of auto-rickshaw by three men

Shocking video footage showing a Muslim woman being beaten and violently forced out of an auto-rickshaw by three men in Bangladesh. 5Pillars are unable to...

VIDEO: Thugs in Bangladesh force Muslim student to take off her niqab

Video footage of thugs in Bangladesh forcing a Muslim student on her way to college to take off her niqab and touch their feet...

Bangladesh “tree man” cured after surgery

Doctors believe that a Bangladeshi man who had an extremely rare skin condition involving "tree like" growths from his hands and feet has been...

Awami League MP shot dead at home in Bangladesh

A Bangladeshi MP belonging to the ruling Awami League Party has been killed by gunmen at his home in the north of the country,...

Bangladesh considering dropping Islam as national religion

Government officials in Bangladesh are considering dropping Islam as the country’s national religion. Reports say that Dr Abdur Razzak, a leading member of Bangladesh’s ruling...

Hasina regime hangs fifth Jamaat-e-Islam leader for 1971 war crimes

Bangladeshi authorities have hanged another senior leader of the country's largest Islamic party for alleged war crimes committed during the war of independence from...

Child labourer “tortured to death” at Bangladeshi textile mill

Police in Bangladesh have arrested a textile factory worker for allegedly torturing a nine-year-old boy to death with an air compressor, The Guardian reports. Sagar...

Bangladesh to ban Dr Zakir Naik’s Peace TV

Bangladesh has said it intends to ban the Islamic television channel, Peace TV, in the wake of the deadly attack on a cafe in...

ISIS linked gunmen kill 22 people in Dhaka restaurant attack

Six ISIS-linked gunmen have been killed after murdering at least 22 people in a restaurant in the Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka. Police said at least 13 hostages...

Leader of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami Motiur Rahman hanged by Hasina regime

Bangladesh has executed the leader of the country's largest Islamic political party for crimes allegedly committed during the war of independence against Pakistan in...
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