Muslim woman thanks train passengers for defending her from racial abuse

A Muslim woman from Newcastle has thanked the public for standing up to a man who racially abused her and her sister on a...

Banned Muslim education chief launches attack on Dept for Education

A former Birmingham education chairman who's been banned from any involvement with schools has launched a blistering attack on the Department for Education, accusing...

London primary school apologises for extremism survey

A London primary school which handed out questionnaires to kids which seemed to profile them for extremism has apologised for any distress caused and...

Charlie Hebdo: Beyond Secular Ideology

The Charlie Hebdo incident and the subsequent discussion around terrorism has to be understood from the perspective of those who are spearheading it, writes Ali...

Rotherham, race and “white” paedophilia

Blogger Abdullah Noorrudeen questions why the race of paedophiles is selectively ignored whenever the perpetrators are white?   Nothing scorches the mind more than the...
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