Abdullah al Andalusi – Some needed reflections on the Peshawar school attack

Abdullah al Andalusi reflects on the bloody massacre that took place in a Peshawar military school on Tuesday.  Yesterday saw the tragic and horrific attack...

Terrorism Asset Freezing Orders Creates “Prisoners of the State”

Terrorism Asset Freezing Orders makes innocent people become financial "prisoners of the state", writes Fahad Ansari.   On 1 October 2014, Assistant Chief Constable Marcus...

Like the US, Britain has lost its moral authority in the War of Terror

Britain’s new anti-terror bill is another step to strengthen its ‘Police State’ for the Muslim community, writes Dr Abdul Wahid. ‘Let us be clear –...

“Asian” grooming gangs and Islamophobes

Abdullah al-Andalusi debunks the propaganda peddled by Islamophobes in blaming Islam for "Asian" sexual grooming gangs.  In the UK, many newspapers and TV channels have...

Ofsted – The tool used by “muscular liberals” to convert Muslim children

Ofsted has become a tool to enforce secular liberal values on Muslim children, writes Dr Abdul Wahid. Britain’s "counter-extremism" policy, Prevent is a lie. It...

Anas Altikriti: “UAE’s list of terrorists is no laughing matter”

Nothing has hurt the fight against terrorism, such as the devaluation of the term itself, writes Dr Anas Altikriti. Make no mistake, terrorism in all its...

Ibrahim Hewitt: “What does ‘Britishness’ even mean?”

This week on Speakers' Corner, Ibrahim Hewitt asks: "What does 'Britishness' actually mean?" In the recent flurry of articles about Remembrance Day and “should we” or...

Dr Abdul Wahid: Why as a Muslim, I choose to not wear a poppy

Dr Abdul Wahid explains why as a Muslim, he chooses not to wear a poppy.  Over the past three years I’ve written more than once...

Abdurraheem Green: “Returning Jihadis aren’t so bad, I used to be one”

"Where have you been?" asked a customs officer..."Fighting jihad in Afghanistan" I replied with a smile, writes Abdurraheem Green. Returning Jihadis from Syria now potentially...

Ibtihal Bsis: Who will speak up for the Muslims?

As Muslims, we feel the heat of conformity and Islamophobia everyday, and for us justice is truly non-existent, writes Ibtihal Bsis. Reading the news over...
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