Lauren Booth: “Muslims and extremists – we’re not the same”

Muslims and extremism are not synonymous, writes journalist Lauren Booth. "Here we go again," I sigh, browsing news channels. Each one, leading with the chilling buzzwords:...

Hamza Tzortzis – The Quran, Jihad And The Causes of Terrorism

In the second part of this exclusive feature on Jihad and terrorism, Hamza Tzortzis discusses Jihad in Quranic discourse, the objectives of Jihad and...

Hamza Tzortzis – Is Jihad Terrorism?

International speaker and researcher, Hamza Tzortzis, tackles common misconceptions about jihad and terrorism in this exclusive two-part feature. The word Jihad has been frequently used...

5Pillars launches Speakers’ Corner

5Pillars proudly presents 'Speakers' Corner', an exclusive section on our website specifically for scholars, imams, students of knowledge, activists, academics and leaders of different...
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