Hamza Tzortzis – The Quran, Jihad And The Causes of Terrorism

In the second part of this exclusive feature on Jihad and terrorism, Hamza Tzortzis discusses Jihad in Quranic discourse, the objectives of Jihad and...

Lauren Booth: “Muslims and extremists – we’re not the same”

Muslims and extremism are not synonymous, writes journalist Lauren Booth. "Here we go again," I sigh, browsing news channels. Each one, leading with the chilling buzzwords:...

Abdurraheem Green – An Islamic Perspective On Climate Change

Abdurraheem Green gives an Islamic perspective on climate change. “Climate change is the most severe problem we are facing today- more serious even than the threat...

Masks, Veils, Vice and Virtue

In this week's Speakers' Corner, Zara Faris of the Muslim Debate Initiative discusses the right of Muslim women to wear the niqab in western...

Fahad Ansari – “And then they came for our parents…”

Fahad Ansari dissects the latest Prevent-led initiative which is being pushed through a well-known YouTuber. The video reduces legitimate grievances with Western foreign policy and...

Abdur-Raheem Green – “Islam is the solution to racism”

Racism is a normal, natural and almost universal human condition, but Islam is the solution to eradicate this problem, writes Abdur-Raheem Green. Racism is evil....

Ibtihal Bsis: Who will speak up for the Muslims?

As Muslims, we feel the heat of conformity and Islamophobia everyday, and for us justice is truly non-existent, writes Ibtihal Bsis. Reading the news over...

Abdurraheem Green: “Returning Jihadis aren’t so bad, I used to be one”

"Where have you been?" asked a customs officer..."Fighting jihad in Afghanistan" I replied with a smile, writes Abdurraheem Green. Returning Jihadis from Syria now potentially...

Dr Abdul Wahid: Why as a Muslim, I choose to not wear a poppy

Dr Abdul Wahid explains why as a Muslim, he chooses not to wear a poppy.  Over the past three years I’ve written more than once...

Ibrahim Hewitt: “What does ‘Britishness’ even mean?”

This week on Speakers' Corner, Ibrahim Hewitt asks: "What does 'Britishness' actually mean?" In the recent flurry of articles about Remembrance Day and “should we” or...
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