Fahad Ansari – “Britain subcontracts its justice system to the US”

Fahad Ansari expresses his disappointment at the House of Lords latest report on extradition, arguing that Britain continues to "subcontract its justice system to...

Ibtihal Bsis – Consent, British values and support for CAGE

Ibtihal Bsis explains how the concept of "consent" is misapplied in relation to the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act, the forced imposition of "British values"...

Hamza Tzortzis: Debunking myths about Islamic governance

Hamza Tzortzis tackles some of the common misconceptions people have about the Caliphate in light of recent events involving the so-called "Islamic State" group...

Ten ways the CTS Act will affect the Muslim community

Ibtihal Bsis explains ten ways in which the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act will affect the Muslim community in Britain. The Government have been very busy widening...

Moazzam Begg: “How will ISIS explain the burning of Muaz Kasasbah?”

How will ISIS justify the execution by burning alive of the Jordanian pilot Moaz Casasbeh, asks Moazzam Begg.  It’s not often that Fox News broadcasts...

How the Govt makes you into a terrorist without arresting you

In this article, Asim Qureshi, Research Director at CAGE explains how a routine stop under Schedule 7, and its specially engineered questions, can lead...

Fault lines with the West’s treatment of minorities

In part 1, Dr Abdul Wahid discussed some of the complex fault lines that exist in Western societies. He now elaborates on why some...

Why do Western states seem to treat minorities so badly?

As the dust settles after the killings in Paris there has been a plethora of comment about the limits of "free speech", writes Dr...

Sheikh Haitham Al-Haddad responds to BBC Panorama attacks

Sheikh Haitham Al-Haddad responds to Monday's episode of Panorama, 'After Paris: The Battle for British Islam', where the programme demonised him for holding certain...

Are terrorist organisations solely to blame for the misrepresentation of Islam?

Abdullah al Andalusi argues that secular regimes in the Muslim world and Western governments are far worse at misrepresenting Islam than terrorist organisations.  Many Muslims...
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