VIDEO: Three minute doctoral showcase on the ‘Dehumanisation of drone warfare’

Salah Sharief won the doctoral thesis showcase at Leeds Doctoral College when he delivered this fantastic three minute presentation on the 'dehumanisation of drone warfare'.

HELP 5Pillars DEFEND Islam and Muslims in the MEDIA

5Pillars solely exists to defend Islam and Muslims from the daily attacks it faces from individuals, groups and institutions with nefarious agendas. We cannot guarantee...

Boys in the Cave podcast: Ummah in focus

In this episode of the Boys in the Cave podcast, deputy editor of 5Pillars, Dilly Hussain, discusses the Jamal Kashoggi murder, intra-Muslim racism, nationalism, the...

Forced to choose between heating and eating: UK families hit hard this winter

“MUSLIM CHARGED FOR TERROR OFFENCES”. The newspaper headlines are constantly assaulted by terror-related cases. It has become our daily ritual to be bombarded by...

Why is helping Palestinian refugees a problem?

The UK-based charity Interpal have experienced several obstacles in supporting Palestinian refugees. In this feature, they explain why Muslims should not be dissuaded by...

The face of white supremacist terrorism

The face of white supremacist terrorism - humanised by the mainstream media and normalised by western governments.

The Nakba: An ongoing catastrophe

Interpal's Yasmeen Khan explains how the historical loss of Palestine more commonly known as "The Nakba" is still very much an ongoing catastrophe. 2017 is...
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