New “extremism task force” is destined to fail

The government's announcement that it is to review its counter-terror strategy (Prevent) in the wake of the Woolwich killing is another knee-jerk reaction designed...

Grimsby mosque attack ex soldiers should be charged with terrorism

Why weren’t the ex British soldiers who allegedly firebombed Grimsby mosque charged with terrorism, writes Roshan Muhammed Salih? If Muslims had firebombed a British army...

Lozells Mosque should come clean and apologize

Roshan Muhammed Salih argues that Lozells Central Mosque should just come clean and apologize for planning to fund the British army. What a mess! Lozells Central...

Nice day out for the knuckle-draggers

Today all across England hordes of unemployed white men cracked open their lagers, draped themselves in England flags and set out to confront the...

Tony Blair: What a donkey

I wasted five minutes of my life earlier today reading an opinion piece by Tony Blair published in the Mail on Sunday, writes Roshan...

Deafening silence from Muslim groups over Afghan abuse

Yesterday 5 Pillarz intended to publish a story about how furious British Muslim groups were about the two British soldiers who'd been convicted of...

I still don’t know where Student Rights gets its funding from!

This morning we learned that politicians are deserting the “counter-extremism” group Student Rights (SR) following its ridiculous university campus extremism report last month, writes...

British citizens are trying to murder and maim Muslims

It is now clear that there are many British citizens who are intent on murdering or harming Muslim men, women and children, writes Roshan...

EDL bomb plotters: For once this looks like a fair cop

Usually when I see headlines about British Muslims going down for terrorism I smell a rat, writes Roshan Muhammed Salih. I ask myself: were they...

Sectarianism will lead to our destruction

The Muslim ummah is passing through perhaps its most difficult phase in our lifetimes and the main reason is Syria, writes Roshan Muhammed Salih. The...