Tony Blair: What a donkey

Former Prime Minister, Tony Blair

I wasted five minutes of my life earlier today reading an opinion piece by Tony Blair published in the Mail on Sunday, writes Roshan Muhammed Salih.

In a long and rambling article he explains what he considers to be the ideology behind the men who killed British soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich. If you want to waste a few minutes of your life as well you can read his nonsense here:

Firstly, the ex British prime minister blames Bashar al Assad, then al-Qaeda, then Iran, then Hizbollah, then the Muslim Brotherhood. According to Beelzebub himself, there is a vicious brand of murderous extremism at the heart of Islam. And the Devil concludes by saying that free societies need to address this issue – sometimes militarily, sometimes not – to achieve peace and security.

War criminal

Ok, firstly why does anyone give this war criminal the time of day? He launched two major wars against Iraq and Afghanistan which opened the gates of hell. At a conservative estimate hundreds of thousands died in those wars and whole societies were destroyed. Blair bears direct responsibility for ALL the innocent people killed by western troops but also for ALL the people who died in the resulting internecine conflict because that killing was not happening before the invasion. As I said, he and his mate Bush opened the gates of hell.

Yet Beelzebub is regularly feted by the imperialist media with a sort of deference only reserved for royalty. He is yesterday’s man and his opinion doesn’t count, especially in the Muslim world where he has no credibility. In fact, he doesn’t have much in the West either apart from in the studios of the BBC and CNN.

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You might counter by saying that he is “Middle East Peace Envoy.” Well, I would say that role is a complete joke and all he seems to do is cosy up to Zionists in Jerusalem and their puppets in the West Bank.


Secondly, I must admit that Blair has a point when he says that some Muslims are extremists but he simply has no right to say it given that he laid the foundations for much of that extremism by destabilising societies. Also, he is a western-centric, capitalist bourgeois Christian who has zero interaction with ordinary Muslims (apart from when he’s killing them), so frankly I couldn’t give a monkeys what he says.

Thirdly, even if there is an extremism problem in Islam western troops or NGOs aren’t going to get rid of it. That is something that Muslims have to deal with and we will deal with it if our societies are left alone to develop naturally without destructive foreign interventions.

Finally, anyone associated with the Tony Blair Faith Foundation should be ashamed of themselves. I know many Christians who believe Blair not only has Muslim blood on his hands but is also an insult to the Christian values of love, peace, compassion and tolerance.

So quite frankly, Blair is the last person to lecture us on Islam, faith, peace and security. He should deal with his own extremism problem. Just go back to cashing in on your reputation Tony, a reputation built on the misery of others. Enjoy your money before you burn in hell.

P.S. I apologise to all donkeys for calling Tony Blair a donkey.


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