Preston mosques donate essential items to NHS staff

NHS staff recieve donations from Preston Mosques. Pic. Madani Institute

Preston mosques are donating items to help NHS critical care staff during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Madani Institute, Masjid-e-Raza and Masjid-e-Asqa aim to bring as many supplies as they can to help staff in critical care units.

They are asking for donations of toiletries, easy meals and refreshments to help staff get through tougher times. Other items suggested include deodorant, toilet paper, cereal bars, drinks and crisps.

The mosques are also asking for donations to help people self isolating.

A spokesperson from the Madani Institute said: “In this moment in time our whole nation is thinking about the NHS staff. We wanted to do our bit, so sent messages out via social media to members of our mosques and community.

“We are planning to continue with the support as much as we can in the coming weeks and months. A massive shout out to all those who have supported this venture and hope they can continue to be our means of putting a little smile on the NHS staff while they are going through extremely difficult challenges.”

Many NHS workers at the frontline of fighting coronavirus have been confronted with empty shelves when they go shopping after long, dangerous shifts, although many supermarkets are now offering time for NHS staff only to shop to ensure they get what they need.

A spokesperson from Al Aqsa Mosque said: “We are already involved in taking donations and supplies for the vulnerable and elderly in our community. However in this moment in time our whole nation is thinking about the NHS staff.

“The response has been amazing, as it has been in the Deepdale area. The last thing we want is for our doctors and nurses to work relentless shifts only to find they are with out basic essential needs.”

The mosques say the appeal has received a great response from the public with many boxes of supplies having been donated to the units already, with more donations planned.

They are planning to continue donating as long as is needed to help NHS staff through such a challenging time.

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