MEND says Labour best meets Muslim priorities in General Election

Jeremy Corbyn [Image: Sky News]

Advocacy group MEND has concluded that the Labour Party best meets the priorities of the Muslim community ahead of the upcoming General Election.

MEND analysed all the main party manifestos against its own manifesto which was produced after consultation with the Muslim community.

It then produced a league table of each party’s performance, which had Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour top and Boris Johnson’s Tories bottom.

MEND’s pledges include commitments on Islamophobia and discrimination, mosque security, media regulation, community engagement and foreign policy.

Here is a graphic of how each party did:

Labour performed well across all criteria and especially when it came to minority rights, political engagement and media and broadcasting. The party scored an impressive 27 out of 32.

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The Liberal Democrats scored well in the media and broadcasting category, but did badly in youth and education and security and counter terror. The party scored a “just above average” 19 out of 32.

Next came the Green Party which performed reasonably well in minority rights, security and counter terror, and media and broadcasting, but badly on racial and religious equality and criminal justice. The party scored an average 17 out of 32.

And the worst performing party were the Tories which scored a dismal 5 out of 32. The Conservatives failed across all policy areas and scored zero in media and broadcasting, political engagement and criminal justice.

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