Sadiq Khan joins Zionist Jewish Labour Movement

Sadiq Khan. Editorial credit: Frederic Legrand - COMEO

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has joined the Zionist Jewish Labour Movement as an affiliate member and encouraged Labour colleagues to do the same. 

The Jewish Labour Movement supports Israel, has close ties to the Israeli embassy in the UK and has been at the centre of attacks against the pro Palestine Jeremy Corbyn over his alleged failure to deal with anti-semitism within Labour.

In a statement, Khan said his party “has been too slow at stamping out appalling antisemitism” and described “a depressing collapse of trust between Labour and the Jewish community.”

Khan said: “I’m so proud to join Gordon Brown and others in becoming an affiliated member of the Jewish Labour Movement. I encourage all my Labour colleagues to do the same.

“I know it’s been an extremely difficult time for members of the Jewish Labour Movement. Like me, the vast majority of those within the party are devastated by how let down the Jewish community and Jewish Labour members are feeling.

“That’s why it’s so important that we come together across the Labour movement to do whatever we can to make Jewish people feel at home in our party once again.”

In the past Khan has praised Israel and said he would visit Israel as soon as possible.

He has spoken about the importance of economic and cultural ties between the capital and Tel Aviv. And he praised Londoners working with Israelis and Israeli businesses.

The Mayor also supported furthering cultural links between London and Israel, after having backed the Tel Aviv London Festival in 2017.

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