Britain First leaders charged with religious harassment

Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen

Britain First leader Paul Golding and his deputy Jayda Fransen have been charged with causing religiously aggravated harassment.

Golding, 35, and Fransen, 31, were arrested on May 10. Kent Police said their investigation into the pair was related to leaflets distributed in Thanet and Canterbury, and videos posted during a trial at Canterbury Crown court during the same month.

The trial involved three Muslim men and a teenager who were eventually convicted of rape and jailed.

Police said Golding had been charged with three count of harassment while Fransen was charged with four. Both have been bailed to appear before Medway magistrates on 17 October 2017.

Meanwhile, Golding filmed himself challenging Muslims outside a mosque in Crayford, London, on the day of the Parsons Green attack last Friday.

A video of the incident of him confronting worshippers at North West Kent Muslim Association was uploaded on Facebook and has been shared more than 12,000 times.

The footage captures Paul Golding screaming “take responsibility for the actions that take place in your name” addressing a large group of Muslims. Responding to Mr Golding’s accusation, a man inquires: “What does it have to do with anyone here?”

Mr. Golding response was “Listen, ISIS, Al Qaeda, they’re Islamic terror groups. Islamic.” One worshipper replied: “That’s a minority but that’s them, it isn’t us. I condemn it as well I condemn ISIS as well, but there is no need to come here in front of our mosque. It isn’t us.”

The police eventually turned up and the video ended.

In response Peter Craske, a Bexley Councilor, tweeted: “Those who seek to divide our borough and our country can do one.” He added: “Bexley is a borough where the community comes together in friendship and where those who seek to divide our society are not welcome…

“We condemn the extremists involved in the attack and those who seek to exploit it for their own ends. We will continue to work closely with the police to keep people from all sections of the community safe.”

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