Jeremy Corbyn’s Eid al-Adha message to the Muslim community

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The leader of the UK Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn’s Eid al-Adha message to Muslims around the world.

The following message was posted on Jeremy Corbyn’s official Facebook page:

“I would like to wish Muslims in Britain and across the world Eid Mubarak.

During Hajj, the Muslim pilgrimage, Muslims from all over the world to come together to pray for humanity, to reflect on themselves and to commemorate the Prophet Ibrahim.

Today, Muslims remember this story by carrying its message with them. A message of compassion for those less fortunate and of sharing what we have with others.

These values are more relevant today than ever. We must come together in our communities and as a society to draw strength from our shared humanity.

This year, I have travelled across the country and visited many mosques. I have seen the work Muslims are doing in their communities; volunteering in foodbanks and community centers, and supporting the families of Grenfell Tower. That is the true spirit of Eid.

From myself, and on behalf of the Labour Party, I wish you Eid Mubarak.”

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