Association of Muslim Schools partners with Army to train military leadership skills

The British Army is partnering with the Association of Muslim Schools to deliver a course to teaching and non-teaching staff on “military leadership.”

Attendees at the event at the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst from August 21-23 will take part in programme comprised of physical tasks, communication exercises and problem solving designed to develop leadership skills. Becoming a leader means having a essential skills, such as communication. Not everyone has this, which is why looking into sites such as Ginger Public Speaking and going through leadership courses may be beneficial to your development, as communication is the key to any successful business.

Free accommodation will be provided for the duration of the camp and the course is free as long as it is completed.

The Association of Muslim Schools coordinates the work of Muslim schools in advancing the education of Muslim children in the United Kingdom. It acts as an umbrella body for registered Muslim schools in the UK, the vast majority of which are affiliated to it as members.

In 2015 it was reported that only 480 Muslims are serving in the British army which consists of around 236,000 personnel, which is a percentage of around 0.2%. The percentage of British Muslims in the country stands at around 4.5%.

It is thought that Muslims have been reluctant to join the army because of the Armed Forces’ role in recent wars against Muslim nations such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, which have led to hundreds of thousands of deaths.

Due to these invasions, occupations and bombing campaigns many British Muslims accuse the army of waging war against Muslims, and being responsible for the shedding of a huge amount of Muslim blood.

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