Female Palestinian prisoner strip searched and photographed by male Israel soldiers

Khitam Sa'afeen [Source: English.Palinfo]

A Palestinian woman was strip searched by male Israeli soldiers who took pictures of her undressed on their mobile phones, Amnesty International has said.

Khitam Sa’afeen said: “The Israeli army raided my house at 2:30am on 2nd July then took me to my room and searched me.

“On our way to Ofer prison, they took photos of me with their own cameras and mobile phones.

“One of the soldiers said that he will post my photos on Facebook.”

Sa’afeen added that when she arrived at Ofer prison, she was put in a cage and searched while handcuffed and naked.

Amnesty International condemned the treatment and has demanded an investigation into the violations.

The rights group said that they were following up on the latest developments in the cases of senior figures in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), Sa’afeen and Khalida Jarrar.

The two women were arrested and detained last week after they were taken from their family homes in occupied Ramallah before being placed in Israeli detention centres.

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