Britons from Walsall on “secret RAF hit list” of ISIS targets

Clockwise from left, Sajid Aslam, Zohura Siddeka and Musadikur Rohaman

Three British citizens from Walsall are believed to be on a secret RAF hit list targeting fighters who have joined ISIS.

Sajid Aslam, Musadikur Rohaman, and his wife Zohura Sidekka, all from Walsall, are believed to be on a military target list after leaving the West Midlands for war-torn Syria, the Express & Star reports.

The British press has reported stories of RAF pilots secretly assassinating British fighters allegedly plotting terrorist attacks in the UK from Syria and Iraq.

Using fighter jets and drones, the RAF has been working their way through a “kill list” of prominent targets.

A military source informed the Express & Star that he expected the list to include those who joined ISIS from the Midlands.

He said: “There is no reason why they would not be on such a hit list.

“The British government is clear that those who join so-called Islamic State are aiding and abetting terrorist threats in the UK. That would make them targets.”

More than ten Muslims from Walsall have either successfully travelled to Syria or attempted to do so in 2014 as part of an alleged plot to smuggle children and pregnant women into the so-called Islamic State.

Sajid Aslam, 34, claims to be in Turkey teaching refugees Arabic and has consistently argued his innocence via emails to Express & Star.

But one of the UK’s most senior judges said Aslam “plainly” reached Syria and fought under ISIS.

He was one of the first to get to Syria from Walsall.

Musadikur Rohaman and his wife Zohura Sidekka also made it to Raqqa after leaving Walsall.

Musadikur was injured fighting for ISIS in a US drone attack and Zohura gave birth to a baby boy. They have informed their family they want to return to Britain.

The Ministry of Defence said in a statement: “We and our coalition partners have been clear that if you are fighting for Daesh (ISIS) in Iraq and Syria then you will be targeted, irrespective of nationality.

“The UK is committed to the defeat of Daesh and publishes regular updates on air strikes conducted by the RAF.”

UK intelligence services are helping to find other British fighters who reveal their locations when they use mobile phones.

Seven people from Walsall were convicted of Syria-related terrorism offences in 2016.


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