Maajid Nawaz becomes columnist for pro-Israeli newspaper

Maajid Nawaz of the Quilliam Foundation

The “anti-extremism” campaigner Maajid Nawaz is to become a columnist on the pro-Israel British newspaper Jewish News.

The newspaper’s editor, Richard Ferrer, announced the appointment in an editorial last week. He said: “The heartbeat of any paper is the opinion pages, and our array of must read columnists will provoke endless Shabbat dinner debates. New star writers include Nick Ferrari, Maajid Nawaz and Samantha Simmonds.”

logo-jewish-newsNawaz, who heads the Quilliam Foundation, is widely reviled in the British Muslim community for focussing on extremism within the community. His organisation has received generous financial support from the British government and right-wing elements in the United States, as well as huge media support from the mainstream.

Nawaz has visited Israel several times and opposes the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel. He is also a columnist for the Daily Beast and a presenter on LBC radio.

Jewish News claims to be the most popular Jewish newspaper in the UK and is published in partnership with the Times Of Israel.

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