Two best friends from Oldham killed in horrific car crash in Scotland

Tosief Ahmed and Asad Majeed

Two best friends from Oldham who died in a horrific car crash in Scotland were described as “beautiful” and “hard working” young men.

Tosief Ahmed, 21, and Asad Majeed, 22, from Oldham, died in the collision near Gretna Green at 6am on Sunday morning, August 30.

Family and friends gathered at the Al-Madina Jamia Masjid mosque on Waterloo Street in Glodwick on Monday to pay their respects to the pair.

Tosief’s brother, Jameel, said they had been visiting family in Scotland over the weekend and were on their way home when the crash happened.

He added: “Tosief and Asad were two beautiful boys and the best of friends.

“They were just real grafters – two young lads who knew what hard work meant. They worked a lot in local restaurants and takeaways and were always together.

“You’d see them up and about at 6am ready to get to work. As young as they were, they really had their heads screwed on. They’ll be missed by everyone.

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“We don’t know a lot else about what happened, we’ve not heard anything else from the police.

“Our parents are in a horrible state and are in no state of mind to talk about what happened yet.”

Tosief’s uncle, Safeer, added: “They were lovable characters. Nobody had a bad word to say about them.

“They worked hard and were very close. We just can’t believe this has happened.”

Both men died in the crash
Both men died in the crash

Dozens gathered at the mosque on Monday morning to say prayers and mourn the two best friends.

Asad’s family are understood to be too upset to pay tribute to him.

Officers believe the car Tosief, from Clarksfield, and Asad, from Glodwick, were travelling in hit the base of a bridge near junction 21 of the A74(M) southbound, a few miles from the English border. If a dashboard camera was in use, the police would have concrete evidence as to what happened, if you think purchasing a dashcam for your vehicle, or you think a friend or family member could benefit from the use of a dashboard camera, looking into companies such as BlackBoxMyCar will be of interest to you.

Both men were pronounced dead at the scene.

Police are still investigating the exact circumstances surrounding the incident and are searching for witnesses.

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