Muslim group insults Ajmal Masroor after he leaves mailing list

Ajmal Masroor

Prominent Muslim community activist Ajmal Masroor was called “a duplicitous, self-aggrandizing two-faced hypocrite” after asking to be unsubscribed from a Muslim group’s mailing list.

According to a post on his Facebook page Masroor said he was unsubscribing from hundreds of email lists when he wrote “a polite email to one such such group (Muslim Educational Centre of Oxford or MECO) and this was their response:

Dear Masroor,

As requested, we have excised your name from our mailing list. We are only too delighted to remove a duplicitous, self-aggrandizing two-faced hypocrite from our circulating list so that you are at liberty to wallow in self-promotion with your slick sly tongue.

All the best for the future.

Faiza Ahmad
MECO administrator

Masroor, who is an imam, broadcaster and charity fundraiser, went onto say: “Surely in the month of Ramadan and the special day of the 27th Day of Ramadan, one would refrain from using vile and deriding language when address people even if they are your enemy!

“Allah guide us all and have mercy on the lost souls struggling with their inner battles. It greatly saddens me when I see people becoming so mean and stooping so low.”

Progressive Muslims

MECO is well-known in the Muslim community for being the go-to organisation for the mainstream media when it wants to do a negative story about Muslims.

It describes itself as being dedicated to “the establishment of a distinctive, progressive and pluralistic Muslim centre in Oxford… conforming to the original Islamic teachings of the Holy Qur’an… multi-cultural, non-sexist and inter-denominational in concept and character. It is a home for everyone who shares its inclusive, modern and enlightened vision and values.”

The description on its website continues: “MECO’s multi-purpose centre will foster open-mindednes, tolerance and social cohesion for British Muslims by encouraging their effective integration into the UK mainstream.”

MECO has also attracted much publicity for inviting a woman to lead a mixed prayer and for campaigning to ban the burqa and niqab.

5Pillars has contacted Faiza Ahmad at MECO to clarify why she made the remarks. We are awaiting a reply.

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