Charity Commission report is evidence of Muslim discrimination

Head of the Charity Commission, William Shawcross

The Charity Commission’s latest report is evidence of discrimination towards Muslim charities, writes Abdullah Noorrudeen.

The recent report by think-tank Claystone entitled Muslim Charities: A Suspect Sector has highlighted what many amongst the Muslim community, as aired by Stephen Bubb, knew (or perceived): a disproportionate targeting of Muslim charities is taking place. This has been picked up by the mainstream media, (see herehere and here, for instance).

In summary, the report highlights some of what I have previously drew attention to here on the blog with regards to the questionable head of the Charity Commission, anti-Muslim neocon William Shawcross, his links to the notorious anti-Muslim Henry Jackson Society and the arbitrary securitisation of the Commission. Critically though, the report also highlights with substantive evidence, grave issues of concern, namely:

  • The shadowy process of designating actions or actors as “extremist”,
  • The designation of extremism and monitoring of charities without their knowledge,
  • The disproportionately high number of charities which are Muslim, being targeted.

Am I surprised? Of course not. This is perhaps the worst-kept secret of the neocon cold war on Islam and Muslims perpetuated by an elitist government. The connection between public bodies or corporations which are being protected and which result in political decisions to debilitate and incapacitate Muslims and Muslim organisation, thus acting as a biased judge, jury and executioner, has been exposed on the Coolness of Hind blog before. The HSBC bank, which closed the banks of prominent well-known Muslim personalities and their children has a former Mi5 head, known for illiberal views, on the board as a non-executive Director.

Trojan-horseThe Charity Commission has among other hawkish individuals, former head of counter-terrorism Peter Clarke on its board. The Trojan Hoax incursion in the Birmingham schools, which is continuing its spread in London, Luton and other cities according to my sources, was investigated by Peter Clarke at the behest of neocon Michael Gove’s Department for Education, which funds the completely discredited Quilliam Foundation.  The link between neocons, the counter-extremism industry and those who were and still arerunning or influencing key bodies and the impact it has thus far had is glaringly untenable.


Whether it is granting the mantle of extremism-discernment and counter-terrorism to people through the implementation of the PREVENT strategy through teachers, doctors and the common Joe public, or the application of PREVENT to the banking industry through “risk-appetites”, or the disproportionate, deliberate targeting by the Charity Commission, the police state for the Muslim minority of Britain is very real.

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The government, instead of ensuring the protection of a minority from discrimination, is actively engaging in it. The Charity Commission’s targeting is but one example. In my previous blog I highlighted the shocking development with regards to the Christian and Jewish engagement with the government.

British Muslims are targeted under the government's anti-terror PREVENT strategy.
British Muslims are targeted under the government’s PREVENT strategy.

The aggressive promotion of the arbitrary “British values” manufactured under PREVENT into schools was done to curtail perfectly legal Islamic influence in the education sphere.  No sooner did the Christian and Jewish representatives step in and express their contentions, the government “bowed to the pressure” and allowed schools to focus 75% of their RE teaching on a single religion. Suddenly, the 25% increase in chances of extremism do not matter anymore. Policies are formed criticising Muslims, and toned-down acceding to Judeo-Christian leaders.

Pro-Israeli Jewish charities

With this in mind, will we see investigations into Jewish charities which are sending money to Israel? The Claystone report highlighted that Muslim charities have been questioned at length by about their associations with specific individuals, perpetuating a guilt-by-association policy.

Will the Charity Commission treat Jewish/Zionist charities in the same manner? Zionist General Aharon Ze’evi-Farkash was the head of Israeli Military Intelligence between 2002 and 2006. He does not believe in the Oslo Accords and believes it will not succeed. He also rejects a state for Palestinians as well as the historic notion of a “Palestinian”. As one article notes:

“He believes that there is no Palestinian entity at all. “I claim,” he states, “that Arafat tried to build an entity in an artificial manner.” And because there is no such entity, there is no chance that the “two states for two nations” solution will succeed. “I claim that the entire ‘state in the making’ constructed by Arafat is a mirage.” But probably Ze’evi-Farkash’s gravest statement in this connection is that “the concept ‘Palestinian’ was created in 1967″.”

israeli-british-flagThis General was invited by the Anglo-Israel Association, a registered British charity in November 2012 to the 63rd Annual Balfour Dinner. Surely, the “associations” of this charity need to be investigated? Not likely. A person making such a suggestion will, in the words of David Cameron, “regret making that comment”.

The report into the Charity Commission only contains charities which are being formally investigated. Those linked to the third sector are aware that there are under-handed tactics to put pressure on charities to achieve certain political outcomes.

This was seen most revealingly in the treatment of human rights organisation CAGE, soon after CAGE’s Moazzam Begg was arrested under terror-charges out of political expedience.

The Claystone report and the abuse of various government departments, are a damning indictment of a political establishment which has turned government bodies into neocon weapons targeting primarily the Muslim minority and the Islamic faith in the name of “British values”, human rights and democracy. The values it continues to destroy in pursuit of neocon policies and power.



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