Munir Farooqi family say he’s being physically abused in prison

Munir Farooqi is serving four life terms for terrorism

The family of Munir Farooqi, who is in jail after being convicted of terrorism offences, is organising a protest outside HMP Wakefield after they said he has been physically abused in prison.

On a prison visit to see their husband and father the family were shocked to see that Farooqi’s face was all bruised. They say they believe he was attacked by fellow prisoners.

The 57 year old and two others were convicted of engaging in conduct designed to radicalise individuals to commit violent jihad in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

He was sentenced to 18 years in jail after an undercover police operation. The case was particularly controversial because it involved two undercover police officers who pretended to convert to Islam and who secretly recorded conversations with Farooqi and others over a period of about a year.

No weapons or plans were ever found and Farooqi was convicted on his words alone. His family claim those words were taken out of context and were said after constant provocation. They maintain that Farooqi is completely innocent.

A documentary which features the Farooqi case can be seen here.

In statement the family said: “It has been suggested by sources within the prison that he has been attacked by prisoners in HMP Wakefield. Prison officers could have acted quicker to prevent further injuries. Once facts established we will consider civil action against prison service and/or those who assaulted him.”

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Munir Farooqi’s prison lawyer, Simon Pook, said: “I am extremely concerned at the lack of communication from the prison authorities on this and his health matters.”

The family statement continued: “A protest has been arranged to stand against this disgraceful incident and the shameful response of the irresponsible and incompetent staff at HMP Wakefield. We demand answers. We demand protection of Munir Farooqi. He is NOT alone!”

The protest will take place next Sunday 10th August at 2pm outside HMP Wakefield, 5 Love lane,Wakefield, West Yorkshire WF2 9AG. For any queries or if you can help the “Justice for Munir Farooqi Campaign” contact 07522428709.

5Pillarz has contacted HMP Wakefield for comment and is awaiting their reply.

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