Islamic Relief CEO “earns £60K a year”

Dr Mohamed Ashmawey

The CEO of Islamic Relief is estimated to be paid around £60,000 a year, the lowest salary of all the major British charities.

Dr Mohamed Ashmawey’s estimated salary was revealed after an investigation by the Daily Telegraph into the accounts of the 14 charities which make up the Disasters and Emergency Committee.

Dr Ashmawey has been Islamic Relief’s chief executive since 2011, after a spell as chief executive of IR USA.

He also served on the boards of Mercy International and the Islamic Society of North America and was president of the Muslim Arab Youth Association in the late 1990s.

The highest paid British charity CEO is Sir Nick Young from the British Red Cross who earns £184,000.

Here are the estimated salaries of the other charity bosses:

– Save the Children’s Justin Forsyth earns £168,653.

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– Christian Aid’s Loretta Minghella earns £123,729.

– The CEO at Merlin is thought to earn £110,000 to £119,999.

– Care International’s Geoffrey Dennis earns £100,001 to £110,000.

– Dame Barbara Stocking at Oxfam earns £105,943.

– Plan UK’s Marie Staunton earns £90,001 to 100,000.

– World Vision’s Justin Byworth earns £95,988.

– Tearfund’s Matthew Frost earns £92,000.

– Richard Miller from ActionAid earns £88,933.

– Chris Roles at Age International earns £80,000 to 90,000.

– Chris Bain from Cafod earns £87,567.

– Concern Worldwide’s Rose Caldwell earns £60,000 – £70,000.

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