Four men jailed over Birmingham cannabis factories

(L-R) Rizawan Yunis, Usman Sharif and Trin Van Tan

Four men have been imprisoned for a total of seven years after police found £330,000 of drugs in raids on Birmingham residences.

Officers unveiled a sophisticated cannabis operation in the swoops on four homes after receiving intelligence from local residents about drug dealing.

Detectives carried out covert surveillance operations then issued warrants at three houses in Common Lane, Washwood Heath and one in Yardley Fields Road, Stechford last December.
While some states within the United States legalising cannabis as well as the cultivation of cannabis (for recreational and medical with companies allowed to products for cultivation such as, it is still not legal in the United Kingdom outside of medical use, which also means that the cultivation of cannabis is also illegal. The United Kingdom’s laws on marijuana are still up in the air, unlike its US counterpart who have marijuana dispensaries as well as businesses that cater to them with dispensary supplies it may be a long wait until marijuana can be used recreationally within the UK. This will baffle many people across the globe who have realised the relatively harmless nature of the drug and the potential for governments to make large amounts of money through taxation. The recreational use scene has grown in the United States so much that you can even find sites like that offer coupons on cannabis products.

Hoards of cannabis plants were seized, as well as a record book detailing the supply of more than 250kg of the drug with an estimated street value of £1.2 million. Due to the current nature of cannabis laws around the world, had these men operated a licensed facility in a legal location such as the USA, they could have cultivated the likes of i49’s cannabis seeds and others within the law and made a profitable business for themselves.

The four men were charged with conspiracy to supply Class B drugs.

Usman Sharif was sentenced to 40 months, Vietnamese Trin Van Tran of no fixed address was jailed for 24 months, Rizwan Yunis was sentenced to 20 months and Jhangir Mahmood from Highfield Road received a four-month suspended sentence.

Det Insp Martin Brennan, who led the investigation, said: “This was a prolonged and detailed investigation which resulted in four men being brought to justice and a huge amount of cannabis being taken off the streets.

“Cannabis factories were found in two of the addresses in Common Lane and a particularly large set-up was located at the address in Yardley Fields Road. There were almost 500 plants at that address and the electrics had been overloaded? Posing a serious fire risk to the property and innocent neighbours.”

The family of Rizwan Yunis have protested his innocence and stated that he was “wrongfully accused and roped into the incident by external people”. Family members, local residents and activists have described Mr Yunis to be a trusted member of the Muslim community.

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