Is making dua enough?

American blogger, Salina Khan argues that making dua is not enough when addressing the difficulties faced by the Muslim ummah.

If I get asked one more time to “make dua (supplicate to God)” for this, that or the other I am going to SCREAM!

With the Muslim world literally on fire–whether from Imperialist war machines, takfiri mercenaries or even their own Western-backed militaries – most observers with even an ounce of compassion are asking what they should do to help save humanity. Unfortunately, most Muslim leaders here in America are not offering much advice other than telling us to say a prayer.

While asking God for help and deliverance is obviously essential, (God: “Call Me, I will answer you.” (Quran 40:60), what’s glaringly missing from the pulpit is a strategic plan of action to accompany the prayer so it can work its power.

God: “And when the prayer is finished, disperse through the land and seek God’s grace…” (62:10)

“God, the Exalted, has placed in our hands two keys through which we can unlock the treasures of His mercy, and seek through them His provision and bounties,” says scholar Muhammad Mahdi al-Asifi. “These two keys are action and prayer. Action does not dispense with prayer, nor does prayer dispense with putting effort. Therefore, one should not confine himself to prayer to the exclusion of endeavour.”

But that’s exactly what our scholars are asking us to do. Some examples:

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– When a relative emailed the president of his mosque last week suggesting that they organize a demonstration against the military coup in Egypt, especially as $1.5 billion of our tax dollars goes to the Egyptian army every year, this is what he got in reply: “All what we can do now is pray for them.”

– An imam of national standing organized a “Global Qiyam (prayer) for the People of Syria” in May but has never condemned the U.S. government or Middle East monarchies for equipping the foreign fighters who have brought death and destruction to Syria for over two years now. What a missed opportunity to expose the hypocrisy of the West’s War on Terror!

“If prayed in congregation, everyone is able to share the same call, begging God to shower His Mercy and aid upon the Syrian people,” say the organizers.

– The blog of one of America’s most popular imams includes no articles on how to solve the Muslims’ geopolitical problems but is selling “The Prayer of the Oppressed” as its featured store item for $24.99.

– Scholars active on Facebook keep posting personal prayers to God on behalf of those suffering in the Muslim world but provide no guidance from the Quran and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (S) on how to change the situation. One status update: “Ya Allah forgive us for our deficiency in not being able to do anything but ask You what we have been asking You in this du’a. Ameen.”

Prophet Muhammad (saw): “The example of he who supplicates without acting is that of him who shoots (an arrow) without a bow.”

Indeed, God will surely help us if we help ourselves.

One of the best examples God gives us is in the Quran regarding prayer and action is the story of the ever-supplicating Virgin Maryam (as).

When Maryam was in extreme pain and suffering during child labor, God came to her rescue but only after she took action. After Maryam shook the trunk of a palm tree, ripe dates–that too, the top-of-the-line Ajwah variety–fell into her lap to give her ever-needed strength and nutrition.

Hmmm…I wonder if we’re able to shake some sense into these make-dua-only Sheikhs, will pearls of wisdom finally start falling from their mouths?

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