BREAKING NEWS: British soldier murdered in Woolwich

The British public were shocked by the murder.

Police and ambulance services were called to a scene of violence around 2.30pm when reports that a man was hacked to death by a machette.

The victim has been confirmed as an MoD soldier at Woolwich barracks who wore a “Help the Heroes” t-shirt.

The suspects have been videoed saying:

“Allah hu Akbar”, “We must fight them as they fight us”, “I apologise that women had to see this today. But in our lands the women have to see the same”, “You people will never be safe, remove your governments – they don’t care about you!”

Two assailants have been shot by police and are recieving treatment in hospital.

The Police and MI5 are treating this case as an act of terrorism.

Mohammed Shafiq of Ramadhan Foundation will be talking on BBC Radio London shortly.

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