Nike and Coca-Cola ‘lobbied U.S. government to water down’ Uyghur labour law

Nike and Coca-Cola are among a number of companies seeking to water down a bill that would ban imports from Xinjiang province in China...

What will President Elect Biden do in the Middle East?

Joe Biden is unlikely to radically reverse Donald Trump's foreign policies if he eventually installs himself in the White House. The exceptions, however, could be...

Thank you President Trump for accelerating the USA’s decline as a global power

Veteran Arab journalist Abdel Bari Atwan says we should all welcome the chaos engulfing America right now. For the past half century or more most...

69% of U.S. Muslims voted for Joe Biden

A poll has indicated that 84% of American Muslims voted in Tuesday's presidential election with 69% favouring Joe Biden. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) polled...

‘Queer Muslim’ Mauree Turner elected as state lawmaker

"Queer Muslim" Mauree Turner has become the first "non-binary" state lawmaker in U.S. history after winning election to the Oklahoma State House. Turner, a Democrat, won...

Who will Muslim Americans vote for in the U.S. elections?

Academic Mehmet Ozalp says most American Muslims will either vote for Joe Biden or will not vote at all in today's U.S. Presidential Election. But...

U.S. Elections: Who is the “lesser evil” between Donald Trump and Joe Biden?

Hasnet Lais is an educator and journalist who writes on contemporary Muslim affairs. You can follow him on Twitter @haznet1.   Reeling from the effects of a...

Rihanna causes outrage after using hadith as soundtrack to raunchy lingerie show

The singer Rihanna has been urged to apologise to Muslims after using a song featuring hadith as a soundtrack for her latest lingerie show.   A video of...

The U.S. election and the decline of White America

A new study has found that the White American voter base is declining while the Hispanic and Asian voter base is increasing - which...

MH PODCAST: Linda Sarsour, Imam Omar Suleiman and American Muslim activism

Deputy editor of 5Pillars Hussain, Dilly Hussain, joins YouTuber Ali Dawah and debater Mohammed Hijab on the MH Podcast to discuss the direction of...
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