Two teenage girls charged with horrific murder of Mohammad Anwar

Two teenage girls have been charged with the murder of Washington D.C. UberEats driver Mohammad Anwar who was killed in a horrific carjacking last...

Malcolm X’s daughters say new evidence links FBI and police to his murder

The daughters of Malcolm X have requested that the investigation into his murder be reopened in light of new evidence that links the New York...

Biden: The U.S. will no longer support Saudi’s ‘offensive operations’ in Yemen

President Joe Biden has announced an end to U.S. "offensive support" for Saudi Arabia's military campaign against the Houthi Ansarullah movement in Yemen.  Since 2015 the U.S....

Former NBA star Stephen Jackson converts to Islam

The former National Basketball Association champion Stephen Jackson has  converted to Islam. In a video posted to his Instagram page, the 42 year old shared...

The beginning of the end of the American Empire?

Donald Trump exits as president with America more divided than at any time since the Civil War and with the U.S. regime closer to...

President Biden scraps the Muslim travel ban

In one of his first moves in office President Joe Biden has reversed the "Muslim travel ban" - the immigration restrictions put in place...

American Muslims warned to prepare for attacks on Inauguration Day

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has warned American Muslims to avoid state capitol buildings and surrounding areas ahead of Presidential Inauguration Day. CAIR also...

Muslim prayer app Salaat First ‘sold data to company linked to U.S authorities’

The Muslim prayer app Salaat First (Prayer Times) has been selling user data to a company affiliated with U.S. law enforcement, according to an investigation...

Doctor forgives cancer patients $650K debt

A U.S. cancer doctor has wiped out nearly $650,000 worth of debts for 200 patients after realising that many of them were struggling to...

Abdullah bin Bayyah will no longer address Canada conference following UAE complaints

One of North America's largest annual Muslim conferences has announced that Shaykh Abdullah bin Bayyah will not be speaking after complaints about his ties...
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