VIDEO: Man beats up American Muslim woman and rips her hijab off

Shocking video footage of a male student repeatedly punching and kicking a Muslim woman wearing the hijab. This incident is believed to have taken...

Man throws hot coffee at Muslim woman’s face and calls her a terrorist

A homeless man in Manhattan threw hot coffee at a Muslim woman's face before hitting her and calling her a “terrorist”, the New York...

Delta Airlines casts doubt on Adam Saleh’s discrimination story

Delta Airlines has accused YouTuber Adam Saleh of "provocative behaviour" after investigating allegations that he was thrown off a flight for speaking Arabic. Saleh alleged...

Adam Saleh says he got kicked off Delta Airlines flight for speaking Arabic

The American YouTube vlogger Adam Saleh has claimed that Delta Airlines kicked him off a flight because fellow passengers said they felt uncomfortable about...

Yasir Qadhi: I will not apologise for Orlando shootings

US Muslim theologian Yasir Qadhi has said that Muslims do not need to apologise for the Orlando gay night club attacks during which gunman...

Amazon removes “Allah” dog mat from sale after complaints

The online retailer Amazon has removed a doormat and dog mat with the Allah symbol on it from sale after receiving complaints from customers. A...

American mosques receive letters warning of genocide

Several mosques across the US have received letters that warn Muslims to leave the country or face genocide. The Associated Press reports that identical letters...

Dr Aafia Siddiqui “assaulted” in prison

The Justice for Aafia Coalition has reported that Dr Aafia Siddiqui, who is detained at Carswell Prison at a US Military base in Fort...

Adnan Syed of “Serial” granted retrial in infamous Baltimore murder case

Adnan Syed of the popular podcast series Serial has been granted a retrial in the murder case that placed him in jail for life. Syed’s lawyer Justin...

Non Muslim students at Michigan Uni form protective wall around Muslim peers

Hundreds of non-Muslim students at Michigan University made a protective circle around their Muslim classmates so they could pray safely after a Muslim student...
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