Syrian refugee couple name newborn son “Justin Trudeau” after Canadian PM

PM Trudeau briefly met the baby named after him at Calgary [Credit: Adam Scotti/Twitter]

A Muslim Syrian refugee couple have named their newborn son “Justin Trudeau” after the Canadian prime minister, as a thank you to the country which gave them refuge.

The baby’s full name is Justin Trudeau Adam Bilan, who was asleep when prime minister briefly held him at a gathering in Calgary Stampede on Saturday.

The two months old baby was born in May in Calgary, some months after his parents and their two children managed to escape war-torn Syria.

The couple, Muhammad and Afraa Bilan, are originally from the capital city of Damascus which has been held by the Assad regime since the beginning of the war in 2011.

When they arrived in Montreal in February 2016, PM Trudeau was not there to greet them at the airport, like he did with other Syrian refugees who came to Canada.

But the couple felt they had to show their gratitude to the prime minister, hence naming their newborn son after him.

In Ontario in February, another Muslim Syrian couple named their newborn “Justin” after the Canadian prime minister.

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