Tunisian woman murdered after withdrawing domestic violence complaint

A Tunisian woman has been shot dead by her policeman husband after withdrawing a complaint against him for domestic violence. In a case which has...

Tunisian blogger who ‘desecrated’ Quran sentenced to six months prison

A Tunisian court has sentenced a blogger to six months in prison and a $700 fine for reposting a joke on Facebook about coronavirus...

Thousands of Brits flee Tunisia after beach massacre

Thousands of British holidaymakers are fleeing Tunisia in the aftermath of the beach resort massacre that left dozens of tourists dead. Tour companies have hurriedly...

Tunisia recognises anti-homophobia group after “gay-pride” party

The Tunisian government has recognised an anti-homophobia group, just days after a "gay-pride" style party marked World Anti-Homophobia Day at a Tunis hotel, according...

Tunisia rejects normalisation with Israel

Tunisia’s Foreign Ministry has rejected a New York Times report that said the country was planning to normalise ties with Israel, following in the...

Tunisia legalises Muslim women to marry non-Muslim men

The Tunisian government has officially announced that Muslim women can now legally marry non-Muslim men in a controversial policy that contravenes the normative Islamic...

VIDEO: Young Tunisian man begs ill mother to take his kidney live on TV

Video footage of a young Tunisian man begging his ill mother to take his kidney on live TV has gone viral on social media. In...

Tunisian authorities close nightclub after DJ played dance remix with adhan

Tunisian authorities have shut down a nightclub after footage went viral of a DJ playing a dance track remix of the adhan – the...

Tunisia suspends UAE flights due to Emirati women’s security measures

Tunisia has suspended Emirates Airlines flights after a public outcry over security measures in the United Arab Emirates targeting Tunisian women and preventing them...
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